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Personal care coaching-coach courtney

When self-care is not even part of your own priority list.

Sort Out your Sh!t

SOS, create time to put yourself on your priority list.

Do you have stuff to sort out? (aka Sh!t) You have come to the right place!

I break down the big idea or stressor into actionable steps with YOU!


Get out of the unrest with a fresh perspective so you can live with clarity and confidence. 

Routines and self-care practices that fit you!

Your goals 

Setting them

Achieving them 



Get clarity 

At a crossroad

New chapter



Make priorities

Set boundaries

Stick to boundaries

Work/life balance 

Fill your bucket too!

Learn how to 

Give yourself grace

Pivot when needed

Have confidence 

Live with PMA

SOS Video
Image by Rebe Pascual

Sort Out your Sh!t or Solutions Over Stress

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Coach-Courtney-organizng your life

Check out my Programs and let’s book a 30 min chat if you:

  • Want to LIVE better and confidently

  • Support with figuring out direction + renewed purpose

  • Have struggled with execution and accountability with PMA sounds great! 

Are you facing life decisions, but feeling uncertain about your next steps?

  • Are you standing at a crossroads in your life, facing a fork in the road and seeking clarity and direction?

  • Are you going through a stressful time but not quite sure where it's all coming from?  


Or maybe you have recognized the source of your unrest but feel uncertain about how to begin addressing these challenges?


  • You're tired of asking friends and family for their advice and are looking for an objective, trained ear to help sort it all out.  

  • You want to follow-through with your plans and dreams but just don't know how and when to do so. 


You have come to the right place!


When I first became a coach in 2019 I was determined to help teachers carve out time for themselves and hone in on their self-care practices. Then Covid hit…that was the last thing they needed at the time. 


I'm delighted to share that over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to work with several teachers and through our partnership they have discovered the importance of prioritizing themselves, established sustainable routines tailored to their needs, all while maintaining a positive perspective.


My teacher success stories demonstrate what the PMA Way is all about. If I can achieve my own vision in supporting teachers to do things for themselves in the post-Covid era, imagine what I can do for you!


My core values:

  • Invest time and resources

  • PMA (positive mental attitude)

  • Putting myself at the top of my priority list

  • Creating boundaries

  • Taking a risk to make a change

  • Having patience and pivoting when necessary

  • Leaning on my support network

How my many life hats translate to coaching:

  • As a teammate, I’ve learned from a young age that I am a part of the equation and choose to do so with a competitive, friendly spirit and a positive mental attitude (PMA).

  • As a former educator, I am aware of the many different styles which people learn and operate.

  • As a leader in non-profit organizations I honed my time management and problem solving skills working with others to focus on the task at hand.

  • As a wife to my loving husband of 20 years, I appreciate the importance of unwavering support and being married to my best friend.

  • As a mom to 2 children (ages 18 and 14) I’ve learned how valuable it is to provide a safe space for personal growth and self expression.

  • As “KOH” (“King of the House” as I am affectionately referred to in our home) my energy can effect a lot and being organized is a must! I love my calendar and planner!

  • As a daughter I take after my mom by living a purposeful life and giving to others.

  • As a sister, I appreciate coming together with different perspectives for a common goal.

  • As an Aunt to many (starting when I was 9 years old) and a Great Aunt too! (though I’ve always been one, LOL). I developed the skill of being a good listener and sharing life experiences: the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • As a friend I’m shown daily the power of connection, support and fun.

“I really valued my time with Coach Courtney. I was able to learn strategies to counter my negative self talk, and see a change! I was also able to approach areas in my life that I had been avoiding and were causing anxiety. Coach Courtney served as an ally and support system, while also hearing what I was struggling with and positively pushing me to overcome those struggles. I am very thankful for my time with Coach Court and I am hoping to work with her in the future.”

- A.W.

“You can read all of the self help and self care encouraging quotes about helping yourself to help others but actually doing it is a different story. After working with Coach Courtney I now believe it! If I better myself I'm better for my kids and family. As a care-giver to my mother-in-law for many years and now my husband, people always ask what are you doing for you? My answer these past 3 months, I have a life coach. Working with Coach Courtney put myself in the mix of my priorities. I never did anything for me or my own health really before working with her.”

- P.S

How I can help you

Sort Out your Shit

6 week program sort out your stuff with coaching with coach courtney
Jumpstart Program

6 Weeks
You have one area of your life that you'd like to address or something specific that needs special attention. 

3 month sort out your stuff with coaching with coach courtney
3 month coaching program to live alcohol-free-coach courtney
Transformation Program

3 Months 
Are you seeking transformative change in various aspects of your life? This program offers personalized support to empower you to navigate transitional times, make significant life decisions, boost confidence, set boundaries, maintain consistency, follow through with your goals, and bring clarity to uncertainties.

One on One Coaching-Coach Courtney
One on One Program

In our private one-on-one sessions, I’ll meet you where you are. Our initial meeting will focus on understanding and pinpointing areas craving change. Sessions will build on each other and forward action towards the clarity you seek all the while marking moments of joy, self-care check ins and personal resolve along the way!

I am ready to

Sort Out my Sh!t

You are ready to book your 15-minute FREE conversation with me to learn how we can get you started and ask questions to see how we can work together.

You are ready to start your journey toward clarity and confidence, please fill out the form so we can maximize the impact of our first meeting.

Not ready yet? Try a Fixer Hour for $300. It's a one-time session where you'll receive personalized support, expert advice, actionable steps, a detailed email summary, and your recording.

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Group Coaching

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