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Take the leap to LAF with Coach Courtney
You can dip your toe in, take a leap, or stop feeling like you fail yourself.
The Shame Game is OVER!

Living Alcohol-Free

You have come to the right place to learn all about LAF! 

New to this journey? Just curious? We'll start off when you are ready with a supported break of 30 days. We'll explore together and you'll have my support every step of the way. 


Maybe you have chosen to live alcohol-free but just having trouble maintaining that choice? feels more like surviving than thriving?  Releasing alcohol's grip is hard, I get it. 

It's the best time in history to change

your relationship with alcohol. 

You are 100% worth it and alcohol is not. 

"Now LAF is a way of life, plus so much more! 

Alcohol-free is where things are going. The revolution is here.  Alcohol isn’t for me anymore, and maybe it's not for you."


My last alcoholic drink was July 7, 2022

but I didn't know it at the time. 


Prompted by a nudge from my sister in heaven I set out to change my relationship with alcohol once and for all. 


When I started my 30 day experiment on July 8, 2022

I did not set out to LAFF 

(live alcohol-free forever)

but I am now!

I am loving the new narrative around alcohol, this incredible lifestyle + my renewed purpose!

As your coach my job + role is to be in your corner

not steer your boat. 

I respect your individual choices +

provide a safe space for personal growth + exploration. 

Image by Arthur Poulin

Living Alcohol-Free

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Live Alcohol Free with Coach Courtney

Check out my Programs and let’s book a 30 min chat if you:

  • You are already alcohol-free but want to LIVE better and confidently.

  • You have struggled to stay alcohol-free and are looking for a supportive way to LAF.

  • Your curious about changing your relationship to alcohol.

Does this sound familiar?

Alcohol had been a constant companion in my life from the early days until my own experiment in July of 2022.   

There might have been intermittent breaks for pregnancies or periods of moderation, but the pattern persists because it's what's familiar. That was me. 

You care. You love your life. You are not feeling great about yourself the way you want to.


Plus, you can’t drink like you used to.  The toll of hangovers and hangxiety are really getting in the way of life. 


Alcohol doesn’t need to have a permanent place in your life. It doesn’t have to be your default, your go-to anymore.


Taking a supported break is starting to sound really good.


Maybe you are an intentional parent like me. Your kids are growing up and might be living out of your house now. Your parents are aging and caring for them is a priority.  This chapter of life has a lot of changes to navigate.

Do you really want alcohol to be that constant thing? Have you started looking at that? 


You want to take care of your health but the stigma of stopping drinking feels too heavy. 

If I quit drinking...what are people going to say? What are they going to assume if I quit drinking? What questions will they ask? What does it say about me? What will I miss out on?


Personally, I've “been there done that” with alcohol. 

I created and orchestrated all these rules, constructing a mental Tetris/Jenga obstacle course for myself. This served as a way to maintain my integrity, keep my relationships unaffected, and ensure my priorities were kept aligned all while navigating the inclusion of alcohol. I even went the “healthy route” - Low carb, Gluten-Free, organic and low alcohol.


It was exhausting and created major cognitive dissonance. 

When you’ve stopped or taken a break it’s been with a finish line of a drink in mind or even at actual finish lines themselves. I get it, that was me too!


Who am I without it, you might ask? That's where my life coaching comes in! 


We can all evolve.  Some chapters and personal growth areas are harder than others.  I get that.  Removing the alcohol is HUGE. I get that too.  Alcohol is everywhere and it always has been. But that is changing!


The zero-proof and mocktail industry is thriving, with a growing number of individuals choosing non-alcoholic alternatives and finding freedom from alcohol's grip, while scientific studies are shedding light on the detrimental health effects of alcohol consumption. Now is the best time in history to LAF (live-alcohol-free)! 

Are you ready to break free from alcohol’s grip? 

Ready to experience the incredible benefits of taking a supportive break?
We incorporate habit swaps, make a plan and with my support we'll get you there. 


I’ll be your guide, helping you find peace, confidence and clarity.  
Let’s shatter those cycles and open the door to new adventures. 

Is it time to give LAF a try? You won’t know until you do! 

💛 Coach Courtney

"When I first reached out to Coach Courtney I wasn't confident about staying sober in the pending 2023 summer, and feared I would be in situations where temptation would arise. I had stopped drinking on my own 7 years previous, but knew the relaxed summer schedule and socializing would be a challenge.  Coach Courtney taught me how to pause-in-the-moment and take inventory of all the work I’ve done and imagine myself getting through tempting moments with self assurance and little “mantras” I’d repeat in my mind. She is a life saver. I would’ve imbibed this summer if it wasn’t for her teaching me to reframe my thoughts, change my wiring by letting go over the power of impulse and even teaching small tactics like-walk out of the room, leave the restaurant, don’t apologize-just recognize the vulnerability and make it your super power. Don’t emphasize wanting to drink, concentrate on the fact that you haven’t had a drink! Coach Courtney helped me learn my value as a non-drinker and to live alcohol-free. I am grateful that alcohol is not on my radar anymore." 

- Kerridan.C

How can I help you to discover to 

Live Alcohol-Free

Image by Jamie Street
Jumpstart Program

6 Weeks
We’ll begin by exploring your relationship with alcohol together and choose when to kick off your 30-day experiment, a guided journey to take a mindful and supported break from alcohol.

3 month coaching program to live alcohol-free-coach courtney
Transformation Program

3 Months
Seeking sustained support for your journey to break free from alcohol? If shorter periods of abstinence haven't led to success, our transformational coaching program can provide the comprehensive guidance you need for lasting freedom. Even if you've already "quit" drinking but want to go beyond sobriety and truly Live Alcohol-Free (LAF), that's precisely what this program offers.

Transformation-Coach Courtney
one-on-one-coaching program to live alcohol-free-coach courtney
One on One Program

In our private one-on-one sessions, I'll meet you where you are. No assumptions here! Your story is unique to you! We'll work through your relationship with alcohol in phases, and change will come with science-based tools and compassion-led coaching, all based on PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). 

I am ready to

Live Alcohol-Free

You are ready to book your 15-minute FREE conversation with me to learn how we can get you started and ask questions to see how we can work together.

You are ready to start your journey toward clarity and confidence, please fill out the form so we can maximize the impact of our first meeting.

Not ready yet? Try a Fixer Hour for $300. It's a one-time session where you'll receive personalized support, expert advice, actionable steps, a detailed email summary, and your recording.

Coming Soon

Group Coaching

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