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My Training and Credentials

Coach Courthey-whole life challenge-
Coach Courtney-coach certification in Health & Wellness at the CCE
hci+life+coach-Coach Courtney
CTW-Coach Courtney
associate-certified-Coach Courtney
ART-AF-Coach-AccreditedCoach Courtney

At age 40 I participated in my first Whole Life Challenge then proceeded to be Team Captain in future rounds which sparked my interest in coaching. This experience also planted seeds of curiosity about my changing my relationship with alcohol.


Sept 2019 - May 2020:
Completed my first coach certification in Health & Wellness at the CCE accreditation. During the training program, I discovered Life Coaching and realized it was the path I wanted to pursue.


January 2021 - August  2021:  
Successfully completed the Coach Training World certification program and achieved my ACC - Associate Coaching Credential through the ICF, International Coaching Federation. 


July 2022:
Began my journey with LAF - Living Alcohol-Free


January 2023:
Seeds continue to plant this time time to pivot my life coaching practice to support others to LAF: Live Alcohol-Free


March 2023:
Trained with Andy Ramage to specialize in Alcohol-Free coaching 

2023 - June - November:
This Naked Mind Institute certification where I am gaining science-based knowledge and new tools to compassionately guide individuals towards an alcohol-free life while actively contributing to the alcohol-free movement.

Personal Coach-Coach Courtney.png

Walking the walk, talking the talk

I get it.  I’ve been there and done a lot. From having children when we were told we would “never” to living alcohol-free and loving it. The PMA way has been my personal life journey and coaching others with this approach feels kismet. Want to learn more? Contact me for a FREE consultation today!

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