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Work with me on the better version of you

How I help you to explore + discover

Living Alcohol-Free

Dicsover the 6 week coaching program to live alcohol-free
Jumpstart Program

6 Weeks

We’ll begin by exploring your relationship with alcohol together and choose when to kick off your 30-day experiment, a guided journey to take a mindful and supported break from alcohol.

transformation program-Coach Courtney
Transformation Program

3 Months

Seeking sustained support for your journey to break free from alcohol? If shorter periods of abstinence haven't led to success, our transformational coaching program can provide the comprehensive guidance you need for lasting freedom. Even if you've already "quit" drinking but want to go beyond sobriety and truly Live Alcohol-Free (LAF), that's precisely what this program offers.

one-on-one-coaching program to live alcohol-free-coach courtney
One on One Program

In our private one-on-one sessions, I'll meet you where you are. No assumptions here! Your story is unique to you! We'll work through your relationship with alcohol in phases, and change will come with science-based tools and compassion-led coaching, all based on PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). 

When Working with Me on YOU!

Embrace a brighter future, leaving regret, shame, and anxiety behind. Through our partnership, where dedicated support meets expertise, learn how to turn your dreams into reality and make yourself a priority, gaining clarity and confidence.

How I help you

Sort Out (your) Sh!t

6 week program sort out your stuff with coaching with coach courtney
Jumpstart Program

6 Weeks
You have one area of your life that you'd like to address or something specific that needs special attention.

Some examples: cell phone habit,

self-care, consistency + execution,

time management

3 month sort out your stuff with coaching with coach courtney
Transformation Program

3 Months 
Are you seeking transformative change in various aspects of your life? This program offers personalized support to empower you to navigate transitional times, make significant life decisions, boost confidence, set boundaries, maintain consistency, follow through with your goals, and bring clarity to uncertainties.

3 month coaching program to live alcohol-free-coach courtney
One on One Coaching-Coach Courtney
One on One Program

In our private one-on-one sessions, I’ll meet you where you are. Our initial meeting will focus on understanding and pinpointing areas craving change. Sessions will build on each other and forward action towards the clarity you seek all the while marking moments of joy, self-care check ins and personal resolve along the way!

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