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I didn’t know how truly awesome it would be to LAF!

Living Alcohol-Free

The good, the bad and the ugly. I had to reframe all of it.

LAF is an acronym I created for my own journey…let's focus on the living first! 


1 year clear! Zero intoxication, altered mind, hangovers, or hangxiety (yep that's a thing!) 


I was curious about changing my relationship with alcohol but didn't know going a-f was the way.

Wow have I LEARNED so much! 

I feared it actually. What would it mean? I had worked hard to fit it in, loved my life.  What edge would present itself for me to actually make a change to my relationship finally? I gave it way too much power.  

My Journey

July 8 2022 - July 8 2023

Intentionally living alcohol free- coach courtney
talking about living alcohol free- coach courtney
Coaching living alcohol free-coach courtney
Seflcare-living alcohol free- coach courtney

Our Break Up

  • July 7th must have been a big night? 

  • Yep, it was! I listened to a nudge. Have no regrets

  • Last hurrah (didn't know it at the time though)

July 8th 

  • Lots of journaling and deep dive research

  • Landed on Annie Grace’s 30-day experiment

  • My relationship with alcohol was a long one with ups and downs. Plenty of shenanigans too! 

  • Recent years it was not serving me more often than it was serving me.

  • Only affected my relationship with myself (cognitive dissonance)

  • Alcohol was clutching too hard on my thoughts, planning and internal dialogue

  • I kept trying to fit it in (healthier versions, moderation, I tried it all)


My Rebuild

  • Continued to intentionally move up target milestones 

  • 45days, 60days, 90days then 1 year

  • Around 3 months - extra motivation brought home our puppy 🐾

  • Journaled through all the wins & challenges 

  • Studied and Self-coached 

  • Alcohol is NOT needed to relax, reward, celebrate, quiet my mind

  • (I have solutions for them all - enter mocktails ;)

  • Discovered mocktails & zero proof

  • Became a new and fun hobby

  • It’s a booming industry

  • Get-to use my favorite wine glass

Talked openly when the time presented itself about LAF

“No one talks about this like you do!” 

 "I'm alcohol-free do you have any fun mocktails?"

  • Planned and prepared 

  • Yeti cooler packed, playlist made

  • Ready for inquiring minds

  • Support along the way

  • Love my squad!

  • Kept my momentum building new connections and friends

  • Learned other friends were LAF

  • No judgment for those who aren’t

  • Connected with Legends of the a-f movement



  • November hired my own coach to uplevel my coaching business

  • Now a trusted friend, confidant, and advisor who is also a-f

  • Winter felt the pull to coach others to LAF

  • March A-F Coach training with Andy Ramage from the UK 

  • May first LAF client

  • Currently, coach training with Annie Grace & TNMI based in the US

  • Now supporting clients who are intentionally not drinking but aren’t LAF yet

  • With PMA, hope & healing v. fear, shame, and guilt


My Reboot/Conclusion

  • LAF = Me. Only Better

  • Life is so much better without alcohol. I have more space, time, and energy! 

  • Plus, there is a mocktail for everything! 

LAF is my ultimate self-care move 

  • I feel better, rested, calmer, healthier, and empowered


Grateful that I get-to:

  •  Live the second half of my life without the influence or consequences from alcohol 

  • Coach others to LAF, show and teach them how awesome it is to be a-f

  • Be a part of this incredible alcohol-free movement!

The REVOLUTION is HERE! Cheers with my mocktail 😘

finding your way-coaching-couch courtney

My sister gave me a nudge from heaven to take the leap.

 At the time I didn’t know it would be a forever thing but it certainly is now. 


Thanks to neuropsych development, brain science, new terminology and beliefs I’ve figured out my story based on much more than hangxiety and breaking my own rules.


I have worked to rewire my neural pathways (Yep that’s a thing!) - I’ve done the training to help you do the same!  I’ve looked at my deep beliefs and am learning the new science and loving life on this side! 


You can too!

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