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A Positive Mental Attitude Coach specializing in SOS (Sort Out Shit) and LAF (Living Alcohol-Free) techniques, my mission is to empower individuals and organizations to overcome personal and professional hurdles by adopting healthier, more positive lifestyle choices.

Work with me
What I do and how I can help
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Workshops and Seminars:

Each session is uniquely tailored to help participants effectively "sort out" their challenges and embrace an alcohol-free lifestyle, fostering both personal growth and professional success.

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Keynote Speaking Engagements:

I bring energy, empathy, and insight to conferences and corporate events, sharing practical strategies to help audiences manage stress, improve mental health, and enhance overall wellbeing.

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Podcast and online 

I infuse podcasts and virtual events with enthusiasm, understanding, and expertise, delivering actionable tips to help participants boost productivity, foster collaboration, and thrive in digital environments.

Past events and companies I have worked with 
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Invite Me to Speak

Looking to inspire and uplift your team or audience with effective strategies for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle? I am available for speaking engagements and would love to bring my expertise in SOS and LAF to your next event.

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I look forward to helping you and your organization thrive with a positive mental attitude and healthier lifestyle choices. Let's embrace the journey together!

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