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Coach Courtney-you-only better

"You, only better."

Positive Mental Attitude

TODAY you might be....

Glued to your cell phone.

Searching for your next step. 

At a crossroads and feeling lost.

Questioning your relationship with alcohol.

Wanting to release alcohol's grip.

You are in survival mode.


You are more present. 

You have direction.

You have clarity and confidence.

You have support and a plan.

You love the idea of LAF.

You are thriving in life.

What is a life coach?

A professional that helps individuals take actionable steps towards their goals and transformation, emphasizing forward action in contrast to therapy that analyzes the past.

My 5 Principles for purposeful and fulfilling living​​
  • I live with intention based on reflection and action.

  • I have systems and routines that work for me and my own progress.

  • Relationship first, always.

  • I find a little something that will uplift me or bring me joy everyday even when things are difficult.

  • I figure out what is not working, not aligning, and make the effort to change it, whether on my own, with hired help, or leaning on loved ones.

Hello, I am Coach Courtney

Your story is yours.  I assume nothing; a lesson my dad taught me, and I apply it to all areas of my life, especially as your life coach.  

The PMA Way is all about supporting personal growth with a simplified approach.

  • I promise that when working with me, you’ll become a priority in your own life.

  • I’ll provide a positive space, attitude, mentality, and energy in our work together.

  • I'll keep it simple, it is not always easy

  • I meet you where you are on your journey. 

  • I provide a safe space for growth and exploration. No judgment here!

I’ll share nuggets of science and resources along the way, including how we’re working to rebuild your neural pathways! So cool!

We can all evolve. Some chapters and personal growth areas are harder than others. I get that. I've been in the personal growth biz for 25+ years!

To that end, I am committed to keeping my life in balance and devoted to bringing my best self to each coaching session. The journey continues outside of our sessions with my offered support, accountability, and establishing external/internal resources along the way.

Supporting personal growth with Coach courtney

Coach Courtney

My Expertise

Support and accountability-Coach Courtney

Support and accountability


A high level of positive motivation


Leading a balanced, less stressed life

Self Love-Coach Courtney

Setting goals and finding happiness



Life is a gift, and I’m here as your coach to guide you. Coauch Courtney

A Process that might just work for YOU

The coaching session is YOUR time, carved out weekly, to work on your sh**, “workshop it out” or “noodle on it,” as I like to say. We’ll go over how your week has gone, both challenges and wins and everything in between.


My role is to be your facilitator, ask questions, listen objectively, and meet you where you are. We’ll come up with weekly action steps that break down larger goals into smaller ones. I’ll provide you with a safe space to explore and discover.


With compassion and grace, I’ll hold you accountable and encourage shifts when needed. During this time, we’ll find a system and routine that works for YOU and is sustainable! Surviving to thrive, small goals to big ones, anxiousness to calm…lots of good happens here.


Life is a gift, and I’m here as your coach to guide you to live it. 

“If I had you back when I started I’d be on a better plane today”

- K.C. (sober 7 years)

“You can read all of the self help and self care encouraging quotes about helping yourself to help others but actually doing it is a different story. After working with Coach Courtney I now believe it! If I better myself I'm better for my kids and family. As a care-giver to my mother-in-law for many years and now my husband, people always ask what are you doing for you? My answer these past 3 months, I have a life coach. Working with Coach Courtney put myself in the mix of my priorities. I never did anything for me or my own health really before working with her.”

- P.S

“I have 100 apps but don’t use them consistently. Coach Courtney is unlike any app or program out there. Everything is personalized for you.”

- K.K

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