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Summer announcement

Updates and offers!

Saying no is self-care is important because life can indeed be quite hectic. Finding ways to be consistent can be really difficult. Especially when we keep adding to our already full plates!

Virtual Coaching ONLY for July & August Limited space available

15 min free coaching with coach courtney

NEW - Free mini 15-minute coaching session 

Discover how my coaching works! We’ll tackle one of your problems together! No strings attached! 

15 min free summer coaching with coach courtney

Summer Coaching Offers 

Want more support? Awesome! 

My 6-Week One-to-One Programs

are PERFECT for summertime! 

15 min free summer coaching with coach courtney

Live Alcohol-Free This Summer! It's a great time to take a supported break 

or be more confident in your AF choice!

(I started my own LAF journey in July :)

15 min free summer coaching with coach courtney

SOS Program: Get Your Sh!t Together!

Feeling overwhelmed with one area of your life? Need special attention to tackle a specific issue? 

Maybe it's time to do that thing for YOU? While enjoying the summer vibes!

15 min free summer coaching QR with coach courtney

Scan the code to connect. Enjoy your summer!

💛 Coach Courtney |

Coach Courtney Peters

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