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Laura Fuller Testimonial!

Thank you Laura for you trust and incredible words. Supporting you in reaching your goal of closing The Cup with grace, keeping your own needs on your list, and moving on to a new chapter exemplifies why I am so passionate about coaching and partnering with clients at important crossroads in their lives. I'm incredibly grateful for our work together and so happy for you. 💛 Coach Courtney

Making important decisions with Coach courtney

"I was about to make an important decision!"

I was about to make an important decision about my Cafe and I wanted to share it with thoughtfulness, joyfulness and genuineness.

Yet I was feeling guilty and heartbroken.

  • How would the Community understand?

  • Would they?

And still I wanted my message to be positive, excited and unapologetic.

I mean nothing was wrong. I had a difficult time matching my feelings with my words. Then I was introduced to Coach Peters. She saved my life. 

Coach Courtney asked proper questions and helped me attach words to the emotions and concerns I had.  With her guidance I realized that my decision to close my Cafe’ was in fact a celebration, a Love story between me and an entire Community for 7 years. And it’s ok to close this Chapter with grace and begin a new one. My Letter to my Community was heartfelt, honest and optimistic. Watch my heartfelt video to the entire community.

Thank you Coach Courtney for:

- your artful ear

- your encouraging words

- you patience


💛 Coach Courtney |

Coach Courtney Peters

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