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LAF (living alcohol-free) is a new way of life and here to stay

"LAF is so much more! "

Saying no is self-care is important because life can indeed be quite hectic. Finding ways to be consistent can be really difficult. Especially when we keep adding to our already full plates!

Alcohol-free is where things are going.

The revolution is here.  

Alcohol isn’t for me anymore, and maybe it's not for you."

My last alcoholic drink was July 7, 2022 but I didn't know it at the time. 

Prompted by a nudge from my sister in heaven I set out to change my relationship with alcohol once and for all. When I started my 30 day experiment on July 8, 2022 I did not set out to LAFF (live alcohol-free forever) but I am now!

“You bring the fun to Alcohol-Free” 

I am loving the new narrative around alcohol, this incredible lifestyle + renewed purpose!

LAFF is living alcohol-free forever but that's for me, might not be for you.

 I wanted to figure out my own sh!t with my relationship with alcohol

I did NOT start my 30 day experiment in July 2022 to stop forever

I wanted LIVING first then AF so I flipped AFL to LAF.  Alcohol Free Lifestyle —> Living Alcohol Free.

LAF (living alcohol-free) is NOT LAFF (living alcohol-forever)necessarily.

 I wanted to keep feeling great 💯

LAF is NOT white knuckling it until day 31.

Turns out I quit alcohol.

Quit drinking image

I never thought about it like that until recently. 

At least not in that terminology. And it's not something I'd say often.

Words matter. They affect mindset.

"Quit" hasn't ever resonated with me. "weight loss" or “lose weight” no thanks!

I don't want it back!

Words matter. Love my acronyms + emojis 😘

For a while my relationship with alcohol was like a break up.

During my 1st LAF 6 months I learned about: 

✅ Cognitive dissonance ✅ Decision fatigue ✅ Hangxiety

All were a thing for me big time! It helped so much to learn it wasn't me 💞

I have “no regerts” (IYKYK) From the movie “We’re the Millers” tattoo misspelled 🤣

Doesn't all habit change need time though?

As a health coach then life coach now AF coach too, mom to teens, aunt to many, Great Aunt, sister, daughter, wife and former teacher.

Absof'nlutely. Especially LAF

It needs time for:

  • questioning

  • simmering

  • letting go

  • grieving

  • rebuilding +

  • renewed purpose

When I lengthened my timeline goals my benefits grew too! + they keep on coming! 

Renewed purpose came early on my journey - one that is greater than myself.

  • I learned that alcohol didn’t serve me anymore and maybe it doesn’t you either? 

  • You will never know until you try. 

  • You are 100% worth it. 

  • I have found that alcohol is not. 

  • Have you thought about redefining your relationship with alcohol?

  • or how about defining it 1st? 

That’s a great first step! 

As your coach my job and role is to be in your corner not steer your boat. 

No judgment ever from me! 

Contact me today to learn more about my private one on one coaching program.


💛 Coach Courtney |

Coach Courtney Peters

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