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One person, 11 referrals!

One person has sent me 11 referrals! I am so very grateful!

Not only was coaching this one person amazing, but she also sent me 11 referrals! I am so very grateful!

Since her initial referral in 2021 (we hadn't even met yet) 🤯

"results speak for themselves"

She has consistently supported and endorsed my services and the growth of my business. 💞

It's humbling and awesome!

There's a funny twist though...

She's told people I'm a "transition coach", "business coach"

And even a "sober coach".

But not a "life coach" until last year! Why?

Because "there's no freaking way people would be open to it" (her words) if I told them you were a "life coach" so I tell them whatever thing they need to hear to be open to it.

The funniest part?

I do help people through transitions. If I'm in your corner, your business will do better.

And helping you redefine your relationship with alcohol is one of my specialties.

But this is all a part of your life, it's all life coaching in some way.

Because if you're feeling stuck in a rut, unclear about direction or decision,

or unhappy in one area of your life, it affects all areas of your life.

Grateful for her support on so many levels 🥊

and that I got to pay it forward to support her as her own life coach to LAF.

💛 Coach Courtney

I got this plant, how amazing.

PS: She brought this great plant to my office this week! 🌱  Only needs to be watered monthly! 😘 How great is that?!?


Want more help in habit change or invite me to speak about coaching, LAF, or SOS ? Contact me today!

💛 Coach Courtney |

Coach Courtney Peters

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