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Three Month Program

  • 60Days


- Weekly sessions - You have Voxer access to me between sessions so I'm there to answer questions and support you when you need it most! - Dedicated and professional support by me, a certified life coach & health coach with specialized alcohol-free training who has helped dozens of people sort their sh!t out, start putting themselves first and start living life intentionally. Your LAF experience: -Abstaining from alcohol? but not quite free from it? Let’s get you there! - I’m here to support you with challenges that come up - Live in a way that feels happy and fulfilled -It's unique for each person so we'll help you figure out what that looks like for you - We'll sort your sh!t out and help you navigate the internal and external questions that come up as part of LAF - Preparation support for planning ways for socializing and relaxing I can even show you how to do kickass mocktail prep (a hobby of mine since I started my LAF journey)

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